catch the wind

I love God, real people, thinking about the next creative project, music that moves me and music that makes me move.

My childhood dream was to work at Wal-mart, but I could never quite get away from being a musician.

My favorite thing in the world is to sing BGVs and I’ve been fortunate to work on some fun projects with great people over the years.

I got some of my best musical education singing harmony in the back seat of the family car with my mama and my big brother... and from my pastor’s wife forcing me to sing solos at the last minute. (“You’ve gotta be instant in season and out of

season, Lori!”) But I also studied piano with talented teachers (thank you!) and received an associate’s degree in music from Indiana Bible College.

I began playing piano in church around age 13 and somewhere along the way switched over to the Hammond B3. I LOVE it!

Marrying Nate brought me to the cold tundra of Minnesota (from California). I happily joined him on the worship team at ABC in 1994. The “Go with the Flow” upbringing that I was raised with sure came in handy when I started playing with Nate. However, I quickly learned that I had to play in ALL keys, not just the “church” ones~ C, Eb, F, G and occasionally Bb.

There’s nothing I love more than pouring my heart out in a worship service and feeling like I’m in direct communication with Him.


Lori Sabin

Writer Musician Mama