catch the wind

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Catch the Wind Workshops

  1. Bullet  2-day event

  2. Bullet  an evening of worship paired with a day of serious “woodshedding.”

  3. Bullet  give your music program a shot in the arm- new repertoire, fresh perspective,

       personalized training, re-energized sense of purpose.

Worship Concerts

  1. Bullet  exciting, encouraging, worshipful

  2. Bullet  excellent musicianship designed to lift the heart toward god

Guest Worship Leading

  1. Bullet  a full team, small ensemble, or worship leader

Guest Speaking/Teaching

  1. Bullet  timely, insightful

Choir Clinics

  1. Bullet  20-plus years of experience working with amazing choirs across the country

Team Coaching Seminars

  1. Bullet  professional music production targeted toward enhancing the effectiveness of your worship program

we’re serious about serving you.

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“Your visit here was such an uplifting moment in time for me. God brought you guys to minister to me right when I needed it!”

– worship pastor