catch the wind

Ashleigh Still

Singer, Songwriter, Pianist

Reaching out and touching a current of electricity and feeling it surge through every fiber of

your being.  Diving head-first into the middle of the ocean and surrendering your body to the

reason of the water.  Free falling from the mountain of self-awareness and strife into an abyss of

undeniable, soul-awakening love. 

For me, making music is the medium. The harbor: communion with the Divine. 

I guess I consider myself a songwriter.  I’ve loved the piano for as long as I can remember and took

delight in studying theory and technique even as a child.  Growing up in a preacher’s home with two older sisters and a

younger brother, I’ve always felt most comfortable out of the spotlight.  I spent countless hours alone in my room with my

keyboard and headphones.   Funny, probably, but it was there where I first experienced this thing, the ‘thing’ that happens

when we use our gift, engage and offer it up… true, active worship…  

Alone with my God, I had found a way to wholly offer up everything- my whole self.  Every moment spent in that place made

me realize how close He really is. 

I’ve had the opportunity to use my ‘gift’ in a wide variety of places with all sorts of gorgeously talented musicians.  I can say without hesitation that the music that happens when I’m worshiping with this team is unlike any other. It’s like worshipping alone in my room except exponentially better because it’s collective .We’re all in it together and everybody goes ‘there’ together- to that intimate, yet vast and sublimely holy place with God.