catch the wind

Okay let’s get down to it. If I think about singing in front of people enough I forget to breathe.

So why do it?


Public musical worship is biblical (I highly recommend biblical concepts) and it is good for me. I love it when we go there. If only I can remember or be reminded that I am not performing there is hope, and it is worth it.


There is something irreplaceable that exists in worship. God gets personal. God gets real. He doesn’t toy with me. He gracefully takes my burdens, sins, scars, misplaced ambitions, and guilt and obliterates them. I recognize Him again. It’s freedom beyond description. Oh right, how could I forget? The cause of all existence. My singular source of joy and purity and truth. I want to wrap my voice around this feeling with as much honesty as I can muster.


You wanna talk about fun? Forget about it. Worship has the fun market cornered.


Trivial facts about me:

I went to public school

I easily obsess over the vowel sounds, vibrato, and breathing pattern of others


I favor sarcasm and winter, but I enjoy most forms of humor and all four seasons


I am addicted to the welling up inside of me, I can’t help it, brimming with love kind of songs I’ve grown accustomed to Nate and Lori writing.


Debbie McKee

Vocalist, Artist, Hardcore Minnesotan