catch the wind

I’ve been privileged to play with a lot of gifted and influential artists. If I started listing them, you might think i was bragging. But for me, playing great music is always humbling. In some mysterious way, it seems like a very real connection with the creator. And collaboration with other creative people just intensifies that sense.

Playing the bass has taught me a lot about discipline, human interconnectivity, the nature of the universe... Ok. That may sound facetious, but the truth is music reveals something very beautiful and personal about God and our place in His creation.

I see my role differently than I did when I was younger. Back then, things were more about technique. Now it’s all about

balancing the sonic and emotional palette. I’m continually intrigued by the interplay between melody and the various other elements of the ensemble.

As a bassist, I have a slightly different perspective on the worship experience. I love to watch the ebb and flow as various members of band and congregation interact with one another, with the music, and with the spirit of God.

It’s always very rewarding to be able to share whatever insights or observations I may have learned over the years.


Aaron Fabbrini

“Fab,” Bassist, Arachnophobe